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hella cute!i would marry him!if he didn’t have a girlfriend..shame really );

Posted on July/21/2011
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  1. evadarling posted this

hello. bonjour. eva is my name! i run a small blog on livejournal, were i showcase my love of comedy and everyday life. it's just mainly me, ranting my little butt cheeks off.

i'm adoring rose wine, pepsi + ice, pimms + lemonade, nude nail polish, red nail polish, big rings, icecream, blogging, mock the week, watching the news, being a tv critic ha ha, maccie d's, sunshine, makeup, neutral makeup looks, tumblr, livejournal, emailing, texting, my iphone, my laptop, my blackberry, music and i adore fashion!

i'm also hoping to study at Uni of Cambridge to study English. or going to Richmond university and take a course there, intro to comedy writing sounds good :) anyway, eva is signing off. x